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By Joseph L.
Monroe, NC

     I dropped out of college. More specifically, I stayed on campus for three days before deciding I had made a big mistake. I was over a thousand miles...

prettylittlelosers0 BRONZE, Ny, New York
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#533 College Guide
By Elizabeth Grimes
Pelham, AL
#534 College Guide
By Barbara F.
New York, NY
#535 College Guide
By Abbyy GOLD
Shanghai, Other
Abbyy GOLD, Shanghai, Other
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#536 College Guide
By Amanda K.
Ethel, WA
#537 College Guide
By micaiahlh BRONZE
Lilburn, Georgia
micaiahlh BRONZE, Lilburn, Georgia
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“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

Laurenblasi BRONZE, Reading, Massachusetts
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#539 College Guide
By Jessie Moore
Noosa, ZZ
#540 College Guide
By Tim Hucke
Hartland, WI