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By yepitspeyton BRONZE
Dallas, Texas

Mckinney, Texas. 2007. As we walked down the hall, hand in tiny hand, necks craned towards us. I wondered why, but I didn’t really feel compelled to find out. Being a child o...
yepitspeyton BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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By Anonymous
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By bo_olsen PLATINUM
Nampa, Idaho
bo_olsen PLATINUM, Nampa, Idaho
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MA BRONZE, Midvale, Utah
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If life shuts one door, open another, or you could open the closed door. That's how doors work.

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By NightStalker PLATINUM
San Diego, California

I am of a religion shunned constantly. I hear things like "You aren't Christian", "How moms do you have?", or "You worship a dead man." These are...
NightStalker PLATINUM, San Diego, California
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"I reject your reality and substitute my own!"
-Adam Savage

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By Sydney Ramirez
Nashua, NH
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By Anonymous
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By Catie Frankland BRONZE
Jessup, Maryland
Catie Frankland BRONZE, Jessup, Maryland
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