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Plans after High School

May 24, 2022
By Anonymous

During the beginning of senior year, a lot is on our minds. Most of us are worried about graduating and going to the college we desire, which brings up the question “What are you going to do out of high school?”. Usually leading up to senior year you have a plan to go to a certain school or job. My goal for after high school is to go to college for nursing and business administration. When preparing for my career, I must think about where I would like to go to school and how to plan for that.  When transferring directly out of high school they use your transcripts from high school. If you transfer from a community college, they use your grades for admission. After high school there are numerous things, I want to do and accomplish in my life. Can you imagine doing/following the career you want after high school instead of it being chosen for you? I can! I have chosen 5 schools, and after high school I’ll I will be picking one out of the 5 to attend next fall. Success for me is simply doing something that I've always wanted to do and that is Nursing and Real estate. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and wanting to be in the medical field to become a RN. So, I will be majoring in “Nursing”, and my minor will be “Business Administration”. I will be minoring in business administration because not only do I want to be an RN, but I also want to be a “Real-estate Agent”, but it will still take a lot of hard work to get to where I want to be. Growing up I always wanted to be a real-estate agent because I loved the idea of selling and informing people about nice houses. I also wanted to be the one who decorates the houses. Since my major is “Nursing” I plan on attending a School that has the best outstanding educational program with an impeccable overview in the nursing and in the business department. Even though I haven’t decided yet but one of the schools have an inspirational Nursing program. It was featured with one other as the top two programs at the school. Not only am I looking at the best place for nursing but also business administration because I’m not just passionate about nursing but also real-estate. There are many obstacles that may get in the way of perusing my goals. You never know what will happen next. Some of the obstacles are college and nursing, and business school.  I know if I stay focused, I have the power to get over the obstacles that stand in my way. Determination is not a teachable skill, but it must take place to accomplish goals in life.  After I start working for a few years, I plan to settle down, get married, and have children. I still want to have a career, but I want to raise a family too. I'm not sure what will happen after this or that even this will take place because I can't really plan out my life. Life is an unpredictable thing.  I am not sure if this is the way I want my life to be. Life tends to change direction very often. What I plan to do now might not be what I want to do in a few years. Even if my plans do change, I will always have goals for myself. With hard work and determination, I plan to accomplish my goals, whatever they may be, and live up to my full potential.

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