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The Saiyan Legend

May 23, 2023
By Anonymous

One day this guy was walking his name was Gohan he was walking through the woods and he found a little boy and a space pod. He took the boy to raise him but the boy was violent and crazy. Gohan named the kid Goku as the days go on he was still wild till. One day Gohan took Goku on a walk and Goku fell in a ditch and hit his head on a rock and Gohan took him home. When Goku woke up he was diffrent then before he was now a loving boy. When Goku was growing up he learned Martial arts and how to handle ki. He learned a move called the kamehameha he learned it from Master Roshi he was the turtle hermit he trained Goku. When goku grew up he got married to a girl named chichi and they had a kid and Goku named he Gohan after his grandpa. One day a foe has arrived on earth he found Goku he said his name was Radits he said he was Gokus brother. Radits said Goku was born on a planet named Planet Vegeta and that he was a race called the Saiyans and that Gokus real name is Kakarot. Goku didnt join Radits so Radits took Gohan and put him in his space pod. so goku and piccolo went to go find gohan and they found them. Goku and Piccolo fought radits but they were losing untill gohan got mad and broke out the space pod and hit radits in the chest cracking his armor. Goku grad Radits and sacaficed himself to save gohan and radits and goku both died.

The author's comments:

Dragon ball z is my one and only favorite anime and thats why i wrote about goku.

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