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Fictional Villian Speech

September 20, 2023
By Anonymous

Why would I marry someone like that! He has done many horrible things just to marry me. First of all, remember that snake staff that Jafar always holds? Well, it's a magical hypnotizing staff that he uses to convince others of his terrible beliefs. And also I hate snakes! It's my biggest fear and my only phobia. Secondly, he looks like a thin, off looking fellow, and his staff is stupid like him! Everything about him is disgusting and despicable. Even his parrot! Come on dad, you know how much I love animals. So just even me hating the parrot really just shows how bad he is. That's not all! There's way more I could say about him. I could go on and on about this for as long as I have to show you how much I cannot marry him! I hate him!

The reason why he wants to marry me is to become a king after you! What kind of selfish act is this! I wouldn't want to marry a man with a personality like this at all. And he's not only selfish, but he's also a liar. He lied to me about executing Aladdin because he supposedly “kidnapped” me. I can't believe he would do all this just because he's captivated by my beauty and wants me as his bride. It's ridiculous! It's even a huge ick. Jafar is evil, he probably has a whole plan written out to force us into a marriage! The love he has for me is clear, but I would just never be with Jafar from all of his outrageous actions. I literally refuse to marry Jafar. He’s extremely creepy. I don't know how much more of my hatred I could have for him. I'd rather marry anyone else except Jafar, he's a villain. Jafar has zero assets! He’s only full of negative impacts. I cannot marry Jafar, no matter what. As you could tell by now he's an awful person! I would not want to be with someone like that for the rest of my life. He’s extremely manipulative as well. I will NOT marry Jafar!! End of discussion.

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