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A Twisted Corpse and Fatal Judgment

December 5, 2023
By Duck_Overlord BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
Duck_Overlord BRONZE, Parkesburg, Pennsylvania
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Clicka-clacka-clicka-clacka the trains distant to make out rattling of the wheels whirring, to a slow, screeching halt, the erie screech is enough to send an image of a screaming banshee through their mind like a dodgeball bouncing off the walls of an old schoolhouse wall. When the screeching finally stopped it was followed by a deathly silence then there was a stillness, the trains cold, wrought iron glistened in the ever warming embrace of the moonlight. A man in a suit walked out followed by the uncoordinated marching of the city-folk, their stepping sounding vaguely of a rhythmic beat Ratatata Rata then the marching stopped for a moment… Phweeeewwwwwwt the sound was that vaguely like a train whistle but the whistle got louder as it seemed to approach BOOOM! I see all but nothing through the cloud of the red mud, then I get knocked down by something so forceful it ripped the oxygen straight from my lungs. 

“AHHHHH” I scream as I awake from my sleep

“AHHHHHHHHH”  my wife also awakes startled

She slaps me on the arm and says “Again? I told you, you should go get that checked ou-”

I cut her off “I-I know but trust me, I will be fine”

“NO!” She proclaims, “You are not ok” 

“Hmph”I reply

“You know what? I'm gonna take you tomorrow.” she then says

“Really you don’t have t-” she cuts me off

“Shush, you're going, now go to bed.” 


The Next Morning

I walk into the office with an abyssal feeling in my gut with the melo-blue walls, they felt… Irritating. They reminded me of something that happened years ago, the screams of the innocent being treated for something so unforgivable made by the government to “get rid of anti-nationalists” it only ended up killing the innocent, I was one of the “innocent” that had been affected, but I lived through it. I entered the room they wanted me in, I was met by an asymmetric, however strangely familiar face. He greeted me with a “Hello, how are you?” I pushed his hand away and took a seat. He sits down in front of me, “not one for greetings?” he says to try and lighten the mood. I said to him, “Can you please just make this easy on yourself and let me go and tell my wife that I'm fine?” he replies with a slightly angry sounding “no, Mister Niko I cannot legally do that.”  

I reply back “Why? This government is built on the lies of the rich and you wish to follow the rules that uphold that same unjust judgment that treats us like rats?”

“Thank you for your contributions to this country, however you will not live long enough outside of prison to see the day it will fall.” He then says in a sturdy, monotone voice. 

“Who the (insert curse word) do you think you are?” I angrily yell at him

“I am a man very interested in the past… your past specifically.” he says, retaining his same calm, monotone voice.

“What do you want from me?” I say to him assertively

“The United Republic Of America has a deep interest in what  you have done in your past, and we need your help” he says to me

“No.” I dismiss his claims

“Fine, ignore the threat looming over us all, just know… It will be all of our ends.” he says rather strangely

“I have something I must go do.” I say calmly to him

“Fine, but take this, call the number If you ever change your mind.” 

He hands me a card with a three digit number printed onto it “317” it says on it, I flip it over expecting more information, there is nothing on it.

“See you soon” he says as I leave

“Uhuh”  I shrug it off and walk out.

I walk out to my car and open the door. I feel a buzz in my right pocket, I grab my phone and look at the screen, A message from my wife… It reads “there are some men here that say you going to work for A while” I open the app and A prompt loads onto the screen “CONNECTION TERMINATED-VIOLATION 317” I  feel A sharp pain in my back, I feel the area of pain, my hand is covered in blood. I look around and see people looking at me… screaming “MONSTER!!!” I peer down confused and startled, And I see something I could not imagine, til now at least. The blood drips on the dry pavement getting soaked up into the ground slowly, It glistened off of the glass like balls planted in the visage of this Ill shaped ball. I felt a bag slip over my head as A group of well trained men in military-like outfits surrounded me in a complex formation I’ve never seen before. I feel A blunt impact on the back of my head before blacking out and collapsing.


I wake up in an oddly familiar place, It  made me feel… anger. I peered down at myself and noticed steel rods piercing through my skin and it was stretched until it was tearing. I also notice A tube of liquid injecting straight into my bone. However, I felt no pain to match the visuals, I felt… nothing, the only thing I felt were the errors of my past weighing down upon my shoulders with the anguish of three steel torn giants sitting atop the thin woven fabrics of my blood as it slowly drips from my arms. “Your mind is fading” a deep, monotone, booming voice says, sounding more of mortar fire striking an active hospital than A voice. 

“I cannot imagine what you see or hear right now… but you need help.” the mysteriously timid voice says

I attempt to speak but I cannot,  I feel A lump in my throat starts to suffocate my words. “I am well aware of what you are capable of meaning you did brutally murder and decapitate a thug who was attempting to scare you.” the voice says further, It wasn’t a nightmare after all. 

“You were exceptionally hard to find files on and the ones we have found are very… limited, to say the least.” he say as if talking to an audience

“I mean your ar- I mean were  technically the URA’s most well kept secret”

He kicks a wheeled table to me “look at It” he says to me.

I peer down, It reads “SUBJECT E616 - Tungsten skeleton, Artificial muscle mass, blades have been inserted in arms, A nano-tech epidermis layer has been assembled- Dr.[REDACTED]” 

“That is all I can find on you” he then says 

“I know you cannot speak and all, but why did they go through all that effort to hide what a little grunt in the military did during their deployment?” he questions me with no answers to gain. BANG! The loud gunshot echoes through in an eardrum rupturing CRACK to follow the slicing path the bullet left in its wake… I feel something… I feel… My skull… splitting… the red… I can see myself… my face… It’s all gone… no more… torment.

Everything fades to black… Peace.


“A twisted body for those who seek peace, fatal judgment for those with twisted minds.”

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