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Children of oblivion

February 22, 2021
By Ouday BRONZE, Sousse, Other
Ouday BRONZE, Sousse, Other
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"What's needed to go through the day? We'll figure it out on the run."

As usual, woke up to my mother's shouts by 7pm, the smell of cigarettes is all over the place, just like my mind my room is a mess, mom was blowing kisses and wishing me a God bless, little did she know what's going through my head. 

Before leaving home, I almost forgot my most important tool to pass the day, my fake smiling face. 

I'm all set now, on the road to the land of curses, school. 

The weather is incredible, totally reflects my feelings and thoughts, you could barely see me in the fog of war, Zeus throwing spears all over the sky, such a great day to rock my edgy band's t-shirt and vibe with the fumes of my cigarettes on my lonely road. 

I just sit around minding my own business, that one thought I've always had is still in my mind, just like an annoying fly.

All I think of is ending this life I have, what is the one reason stopping me from doing it?

I don't know, this feeling inside of me the existence of my mother is the only thing that bothers me, but I can't just take it anymore.

It's the perfect moment to free my soul.

I may be called "weak", and I couldn't finish the challenge but afterall it's fun to lose.

It's a matter of milliseconds after jumping off this huge building, felt nice, you never know how exciting it is to feel the same way as birds do.

But what's even better is the next part.

This huge voice in my head made me feel nervous, "who's this and what's this place" I screamed, "Welcome to oblivion, son. Unlike u thought, there's a lot of stuff going on here, you'll get the hang of it soon no worries buddy."

This made me smile for the first time, without the mask we talked about earlier, a complete new realm, every creature is identified by its own soul over here, there's also levels of power recognized by Aura, yes exactly just like a video game, we can watch over humans that are still alive, you can reach ranks too by completing tasks and get rewarded by an increase in your aura level too, strange right? You never believe it until you see it by your own eyes, join us the children of oblivion. 

                            -Children of oblivion-

The author's comments:

A writing done by me out of imagination, a way to express feelings and share it with people, probably some would relate to it. 

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