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The Muffin Man

September 27, 2019
By Chick BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Chick BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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 I was 8 and my class was going on a field trip to the Jelly belly Factory. The bell had rang signaling the end of school. Before we all left my teacher stopped us announcing, “ Don't forget to bring money for the field trip this friday!”  

So, that night when me and my parents were eating dinner I asked, “Can I have money?¨

¨Sorry Isis I can´t give you money right now. You can ask someone else though.” my mom said.

Of course all I heard being 8 was ̈ Get money.¨ So that's what I did. The field trip was on friday and it was tuesday so I had 3 days to get cash quick. So I did what any kid would do, I came up with a strategic and foolproof plan to get money from my select target, my grandpa.

̈Hes perfect,̈ I thought, ̈ He sucks at technology and always has money. So this plan has to work.¨

The following day after-school I went to my grandparents house like I did most days and put my plan into motion. I walked up to my aunt and asked as innocent as possible, ̈ Can I use your phone for homework?¨

̈Yeah. Go ahead.¨ My auntie told me. 

I quickly took the phone and walked off to the living room scrolling through her contacts list. I found my grandpas number and called him. He answered the phone cranky and half sleep from being woken up from his nap and said, ¨Hello.¨

I  ̈changed ̈ my squeaky voice to a ̈manly ̈ voice, ̈cause that ́t trick him¨ I thought. 

̈ ̈ Hi, is this Marvin?” I asked keeping up my charade.

̈ Yeah,̈ he said curiously, ̈ Who is this?¨

¨ I ́m the muffin man, Iḿ making deliveries in your neighborhood and for a small fee of $10 you can have have a dozen muffins.¨ I told him.

̈ ̈ Yeah sure.¨ He said giving me his address. I don't know how he believed me and anything I was saying or how he didnt see the caller ID but I didn't question it and just hang up. 

I quickly gave my aunt her phone back and scrambled to get to my grandparent ́s room. Jumping on the bed I looked over at my grandpa and said, ̈ Grandpa the muffin man is at the door.¨ 

̈ ̈Here.¨ He said handing me the money before going back to sleep.

I snatched the bill out of his hand and made a quick exit out the room. 

Hours later after I had gone home I was eating dinner when my mom got a phone call.

̈ Hello.¨  She said leaving the room.

I sat at the table thinking about the things I would buy with the money. I was so deep in thought that I didn hear my mom come into the room phone in hand talking to someone. Looking over to me she asked, ̈ Isis, your grandpa wants to know where the muffins are?¨

Me being the young idiot I was decided to act clueless. ̈ ̈ What muffins?¨

My mom looked confused before talking on the phone and then I heard laughter in the background. My mom turned to me realization on her face before it quickly turned to anger. Hanging up the phone she looked at me furious.

̈ ̈Isis, where did you get that money from?¨

̈ ̈What money?¨ I squealed ̈ I don't have any money.¨

̈ ̈So,̈ she started, ̈ You wouldn know where $10 could have possibly went?¨

I was caught. If anyone would know what I did it would be her. She had a sixth sense when it came to these things. Sighing I told her EVERYTHING. It was easier to just tell her the truth now than get whooped for laying later.

̈ So, you stole money from your grandpa.¨ She said trying to understand the crazy tale a strange look on her face ( It wasn until later that I learned she was trying not to laugh at my ̈elaborate ̈ scheme). 


Nodding my head I suddenly felt guilty. I had stolen. And lied to. I of course got in trouble with my mom but she had decided to let my grandpa punish instead. And of course was making me give the money back. 

The following day at school I was terrified. What would happen to me? Would he whoop me? But the guilt I felt practically swallowed me whole. I didn mean for it to be this bad, I just wanted $10. Maybe I should have just asked for it.

When I got to my grandparents house after school I didn't know what would happen. Opening the door I walked into the living room and put my stuff down. My grandpa walked into the room something behind his back. 

̈ ̈Oh God,̈ I thought, ̈ He is going to whoop me.¨

He looked at me before pulling a box from behind his back and asking, ̈Muffin?̈ Before dying of laughter.

The author's comments:

We all make mistaked but, its the funny ones that really stick woth you. Especially when your whole family will forever bring it up at gatherings to embarasse you.

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