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Aides (The Unseen)

May 15, 2023
By Simply0Lovely, San Diego, California
Simply0Lovely, San Diego, California
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"People change, even Satan used to be an angel."


Davina and Nikitus. The infamous duo. Orphaned children who have nobody but each other.
Trust issues? Definitely.
People problems? Oh, you bet.
Their parents similarly died shortly after each of them were born. Ha. Wait 'till that changes. Oh and they're demigods, but they don't know that yet. How's that for an introduction. In this first book they will be represented with a series of challenges that each will have to overcome after getting separated from one another. They will have to put their faith in strangers and learn to trust people...may not always be the appropriate person to trust though... Also filled with some furiously action-packed fight scenes, betrayals, loss, and stay tuned! This book should be appropriate for all ages, unless you are sensitive to coarse language...but other than that its pretty PG-13 standard, maybe they'll be some room for romance later on but that hasn't been determined. Now Sit back, relax, grab some snacks and get prepared for the emotional roller coaster you are about to head on!


Aides (The Unseen)

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