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October 21st

December 13, 2019
By irenepearl SILVER, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
irenepearl SILVER, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Curves of Sheridan Road lie ahead

As his headlights lit up the starry night

Walls of mahogany branches topple over the SUV 

As the never ending road stretches,

Up and down, up and down 


His icy dry hand settles against the pattern

Of the pitch ripped tights, compressed against skin

He didn’t dare speak a word,

Lazy, flowing melody piercing the silence

Recalling the track - an impossible task 

Perception busied by the memory 

Of forged drunken “I love you’s” 

You robbed me of my prized possession,

That no one else has ever touched

It should’ve been my decision,

It should’ve been my moment

His grip on the wheel gets heavier,

Gaze forward stiffens

I know you’re thinking of the empty promises,

The ones that reeled me in, but were never real

You reasoned with yourself, “I warned her.”

We pass the Northshore mansion dripping in fairy lights,

Resembling the twinkle in my eyes the night we met

It split your stare to the window on your left,

I wish you looked to the right, where I’m slouched in a passenger seat

Lacking the sparkle that once belonged in my now dull irises

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