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November 3, 2022
By Anonymous

Wind blowing through every strand of hair. She felt free. She felt relieved. She finally now knows what it feels like to have freedom, and be on her own. She could see the leaves changing color. Yellow, green, red, and orange. She sat down on the green, lushing grass. The sun was rising, and all the birds were starting to awaken. From every side, right and left, she could hear different types of birds chirping. Communicating with each other. A hummingbird landed on her arm as she was about to lay down. It was the colors green, purple, and black. Her favorite color was also green. The hummingbird was as beautiful as a pearl white daisy on the fields. The hummingbird seemed to find peace next to her. She laid her long brown hair down onto the grass near a big weeping willow. The hummingbird slowly lowered its wings, and laid down with her, snuggling in between her chest and left arm. The hummingbird didn't seem to feel scared next to her. She decided to name the hummingbird “Violet”. Just like the color violet. The humming bird's feathers changed into a shiny violet color as the sun rose up from behind the mountains. She felt free. She felt relieved. Just like Violet. 

The author's comments:

This passage is related to feeling locked and finally being free, and being able to feel freedom in the environment. Lately I have been feeling locked and it's hard to escape life. Like the school work always being there, and stressing me out. Not having the freedom to do the things I like, and being free.  For this reason, I wrote about a girl finally having the freedom to go and feel the wind, and see the true nature while making a friend (nature friend) to show how she is not harmful, but she has been through harmful things. I used the literary term “Anaphora”. Repeating the words “She felt free.” in the beginning and at the end to show how the girl was not free in the past but now she got to feel that freedom. A “Weeping Willow” is a type of tree mostly found in Ontario south to Georgia, and west to Missouri. Also, why I named the hummingbird “Violet” is because there is a type of hummingbird called “Violetear” and got the name from the word “violet” in the hummingbird's name.

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