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Mold Internal

September 13, 2023
By Kennydzy BRONZE, San Francisco, California
Kennydzy BRONZE, San Francisco, California
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The ultimate image of self-doubt:

The glass separating me and my reflection

Is shrinking my skull ever-so-slightly

Removing the inversion from my retina-like delusion

My pupils widen as they do not recognize

The molding sponge in the mirror

I pulled off my skin in the mock and ate it

Underneath were wrinkles shaped like varicose veins.

The mirror shattered as I bit it with crooked teeth

My stomach acid rose, beginning to digest 

A parasite in the glass shards

I felt decomposing skin flakes floating through my intestines,

They repopulated in my body becoming

An umbilical cord, pulsating in my uterus

Watching my stomach grow in disgust

As Aconite bloomed in my carbons.

throwing myself down the skyline, belly first. 

Eukaryotic cells bled from my body like defeat

Scorching the pavement with toiled stems

The Aconite pieced itself together 

Atop my coked body, with bruised and torn buds.

The author's comments:

A self-doubt Poem!

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