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November 27, 2023
By 4szucs BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
4szucs BRONZE, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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For the past few months, I have been trying to cut sugary sodas out of my diet and replace them with sugar free, healthier drinks. During this time, I found Bubbl’r, created by Wis-Pak Inc. The drink claims to be healthy, containing 0 grams of  sugar and adding antioxidants to “focus the mind.” Skeptical, but intrigued—I decided to give the drinks a try.

 As a soda enjoyer (maybe addict), my first experience with Bubbl’r was met with criticism. It was strikingly bitter unlike traditional soda. Despite my initial disdain, it took me a couple months to realize this “flaw” was actually one of the highlights of the drink. Because the drinks have no sugar, they have much less calories, at only 5 calories per serving. It also removes the “sticky”, uncomfortable feeling your teeth get after consuming a sugary drink. Because it's not so overwhelmingly sweet, it just tastes much better overall. 

My favorite flavor, “Triple Berry Breez'r” has a great fruity flavor which is unparalleled to any other drinks. While not having sugar, it still retains a slightly sweet flavor by using stevia extract. I give it a 9. On the other hand, my least favorite flavor, “Pitaya Berry Nect'r,” falls short with the taste, having an almost chemical-like flavor. While it’s not terrible, it's not a flavor that I actively seek out. I give it a 5. 

Overall, I have found that I like most of the flavors that Bubbl’r provides. I think that most flavors are well crafted. I also thoroughly enjoy the fact that they substitute sugar with stevia, to make it more healthy. 

Another aspect I looked at was the price. While Bubbl’r is marginally more expensive than soda, being 8.7 cents/oz vs 5.2 cents/oz for traditional soda, I think the health benefits and taste outweigh the extra cost. 

Overall, I highly like the drinks, and would recommend them to anyone interested in healthier alternatives to sugary sodas. The added health benefits of cutting the sugar and natural caffeine to energize you outweighs the extra cost compared to sodas. Give Bubbl’r a try! 

The author's comments:

We wrote reviews in our composition class! It was very fun to do and made me really reflect on the drink.

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