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May 23, 2008
By Anonymous


Catlin was the underdog of her older sister, Cass, but when she ran away she felt that she needed to fill the gap of her sister, be everything she wasn't. Catlin became a cheerleader, had a mysterious boyfriend, and started to smoke and drink at wild parties. Her life was going good. Soon she found out that her boyfriend Rogerson was a drug dealer. Their dates turned into going to peoples houses to sell pot, but she stilled loved him enough not to tell anyone. Soon the pure pressure got to her she started to smoke pot with Rogerson. Her grades went down and she started skipping cheerleading practice. One night Rogerson got mad because Catlin was talking to another man. That's the first time that Rogerson abused her. She still felt like she needed Rogerson to fill the gap of her missing sister. On April Fools Day Catlin she went to have a fun day with the girls. When she got home he slapped her but this time she didn't get up. Rogerson was caught and had a lot of community service. Catlin ended up going to Evergreen rehab camp to throw away the addicting pot and the bruises that Rogerson left. The day she came home Cass was there and that fill all the gaps left.


Rogerson was a rebel. He was a pot dealer and was abusive to Catlin. He was not the nicest guy around.


I recommend this book because it's a thriller. You never know what's going to happen next. This book is filled with drama if you like both these things this books for you.


Realistic Fiction


9 out of a 10

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