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Shooter Born In Heaven (Escape From Tarkov)

May 19, 2021
By KristianIb BRONZE, Tirana, Other
KristianIb BRONZE, Tirana, Other
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Escape from Tarkov is a game that really focuses on being as realistic as possible and through the years it hasn’t got the recognition that it deserves. Tarkov was initially released in 2017 by a Russian company named Battle State Gaming or BSG for short and currently is still in beta as in not fully released. They are trying to make it as great as possible for a final release but nevertheless, you’re still able to buy it on their website for 50 dollars for the standard edition and around 140 for the Edge of Darkness edition where you can get a larger secure container and a larger stash size. 
Tarkov strives on realism so all the armor and helmets can change how you move, due to their weight and looting people that you kill and taking their stuff will make you heavier limiting what you can do as in walk, jump and it reduces your stamina drastically to the point where if you are heavy enough you won’t be able to regain stamina by walking which means you have to sit there while regaining which could lead to you dying and losing everything you worked for.  
Tarkov has an economy that revolves around the flea market, where you can sell everything you find in raid as long as you can pay the market fee that is given to you so you can’t put a 20,000 Rouble item for 2 million or something like that. With the economy being like that, you have to be actively making money from your raids to be able to afford loadouts, meaning if you die, you lose everything unless the people who killed you don’t loot you and then it can come back in insurance if you have paid to insure your stuff. Money on Tarkov comes and goes because to make money you generally need keys to open up rooms and make money and a prime example of that is the map Shoreline where it’s really hard to make money there unless you have a lot of keys for the health resort which is the hot spot on the map.  
The hideout is something that some people decide to neglect and not even bother doing but I decide to do it because of the ability to make a bitcoin farm and a Scav case where you can pay Scavs and have the chance to get good loot also I like to do the hideout because I can craft items, I need to complete some tasks or items I just need. Scav’s are basically the bots of the game or the A.I. that roam the map scavenging and looting dead people. Tasks are basically given to you to complete when you first start so you can gain money, exp, and once you complete every task you are given the last task where you have to collect certain items and turn them in to get the biggest secure container in the game. Secure containers play a big part in Tarkov as you can place your painkillers, surgery kit, healing items, things that you find in raid and want to keep if you die, and most importantly your keys without risk of losing them.  Anything you decided to put and keep in the container if you die you will not lose.  
But even with all the features that Tarkov has, its 2 biggest problems are the servers being laggy and desync’y; which means that the server hasn’t registered where you are on your screen and on the enemy screen and the other big problem are cheaters or hackers who ruin the game. But, due to BSG using a horrendous anti-cheat the cheaters are constantly growing with better hacks and ruining the game and while BSG is working on fixing every cheat they find out about but the hackers and exploiters are keen in always one step ahead. 
Even with those cons, they don’t outrun the pros, which leads me to suggest it to anyone who likes shooter games to give it a chance and to check Tarkov out for its realism. If they like it, try it out because it honestly is a fun game whether you’re playing solo or with a team. I really suggest this game and I hope some people who read this will give it a shot. 

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